At the time of your medical consultation, the doctor meets with you for approximately 30 to 90 minutes to review your symptoms, prior treatments, medical and surgical history, medications, family history, and other pertinent background information. After a full physical examination is performed, a variety of possible diagnostic testing, imaging, or even procedures, might be performed or scheduled to aid in diagnosis and help the doctor formulate the best possible treatment plan.

This treatment plan can include prescriptions for medical therapy, physical therapy, nutritional therapy or other lifestyle modification, consideration of surgery, and/or alternative treatment options and eastern medicine techniques. We believe that it is important to keep the mind open while maintaining a medical practice. While some consults and treatments may follow a predictable and well-established treatment pattern, other cases require us to disregard our preconceptions and look at the body as a whole, not just individually functioning parts. No matter what, we cater to the individual and his/her feedback and desires.