“What is chronic diarrhea, and what causes it to occur?”

Chronic diarrhea, or loose stools lasting longer than four weeks, is a common problem in the United States.  In fact, up to 18% of Americans have reported experiencing at least three diarrhea episodes per day[1].  There are many potential causes of diarrhea, and in the United States chronic diarrhea is commonly associated with a diagnosis of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS or IBS-D), inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), or an intestinal infection.

If you are suffering from one of these conditions, damage to your intestinal lining may be caused by exposure to foreign substances (such as lactose or other food ingredients), toxins (such as those released from bacteria in the gut), or insults to the body (such as an infection).  When potentially harmful conditions or substances are introduced into your gut environment, it can upset the delicate balance and lead to loose stools and various other intestinal symptoms.

“I’ve tried probiotics.  I’ve tried antibiotics.  What makes EnteraGam different?”

EnteraGam is a medical dietary product for the management of chronic diarrhea due to IBS, IBD, and other intestinal disorders.  You may be familiar with probiotics, which add more bacteria to the gut but do not prevent toxic substances released by the bacteria from disrupting the intestinal environment.  You may also be familiar with antibiotics, which can damage the microbiome and disrupt the lining of the intestines.  EnteraGam is not a probiotic or an antibiotic.  Rather, it is a medical food that works by uniquely binding microbial components, such as toxic substances released by bacteria, and preventing them from damaging the intestinal environment.

In a clinical study, people who took EnteraGam experienced fewer days with loose stools, as well as a reduction in abdominal discomfort, bloating, and other intestinal symptoms.  EnteraGam is also a very safe medicine to use because it is not absorbed systemically, meaning it works only in the gut where it is needed.  Ask Dr. Treyzon for more information about EnteraGam at your next office visit.


  • [1] Stefano G, Vaziri H, eds. Diarrhea: Diagnostic and Therapeutic Advances. New York, NY: Humana Press; 2011.

Author Natalie Bransky Assistant to Dr. Treyzon

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