If you are among the millions of Americans who experience symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), you may be frustrated by not knowing the cause of your GI distress.  Among numerous other potential causes, it is possible that your IBS symptoms are due to an undiagnosed bacterial, viral, or parasitic infection.  These types of infections damage the digestive tract in a number of ways and can sometimes be easily spread to other people.  If you are suffering from diarrhea, constipation, abdominal pain, bloating, flatulence, nausea, or weight loss, and especially if you have travelled to a foreign country, ingested unusual foods, or recently used antibiotics, Dr. Treyzon may recommend testing your stool to investigate a potential intestinal infection as the cause of your symptoms.

Dr. Treyzon offers two simple take-home stool test kits, empowering you to find answers quickly and work toward a diagnosis.  The BioFire GI Pathogen Panel rapidly tests for 21 different pathogens commonly responsible for GI disease, such as E. coli, salmonella, norovirus, rotavirus, parasites, and many other microorganisms.  The Genova GI Effects Comprehensive Profile uses O&P technology to detect an unlimited number of parasites, as well as microbial DNA analysis to provide an expansive assessment of a your gut microflora.  Each test can be performed quickly and easily in the comfort of your own home.

Once the cause of your symptoms is identified, Dr. Treyzon will work with you to determine the best course of action to establish and maintain GI wellness.  Fortunately, bacterial and parasitic infections are usually readily treatable.  Treatments may include antibiotics, probiotics, herbal therapies, dietary modifications, or other types of therapies, depending on your specific needs.  In certain cases Dr. Treyzon may recommend retesting your stool after treatment to verify that your infection has been eradicated.

Author Natalie Bransky Assistant to Dr. Treyzon

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