Meet Dr. Treyzon

Gastroenterologist and Clinical Nutrition Specialist

Leo Treyzon MD, MS is a private practice gastroenterologist serving the Los Angeles and Westside communities since 2008. He is the former Clinical Chief of the Karsh Division of Gastroenterology at Cedars-Sinai. He completed medical school at UCSD, internal medicine residency at Cedars-Sinai, and gastroenterology fellowship at UCLA.

Dr. Treyzon is a board-certified specialist in clinical nutrition and gastroenterology. Our practice focuses mostly on the functional bowel, stomach and esophageal disorders. Our particular skill set deals with mystery intestinal disorders that are yet to be diagnosed and/or expertly managed.

The most common tests that Dr. Treyzon performs include endoscopy, colonoscopy, wireless pill camera endoscopy, breath & microbiome testing, stool analysis, blood laboratory testing, imaging, and motility testing.